Zero-8 is a full-service casting agency, which is specializing in fashion, people and lifestyle with international relations.

Due to our longstanding close cooperation with most of the global agencies, we have the possibility to obtain the best conditions for you. We cast and get to know new international models on a daily basis.

GoSees are being admitted to and categorized in our database every day. This enables us to find the perfect face for your next production and therefore for your brand.

Full Service Shootings

ZERO-8 is your Casting Agency for Models, Actors and New Faces. 

Model and talent scouting may sound like one of the easiest tasks. But this requires great organizational talent and the right intuition for a campaign’s new face. The variety of new faces one sees during a day entails the risk of losing overview.

It’s important that a campaign’s aim is being clearly specified in advance. Great advertisement campaigns usually have a certain type of model being preset. Then, live castings are being scheduled and all our existing agency contacts are being approached. It is of special importance for a professional casting agency to keep track of the market and thus to discover new faces for our clients.

Still it can mostly only be determined via final GoSees whether or not somebody is going to be the right face for a new product or campaign.