Locations and Castings

We Offer The Full Service

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    – Concept
    – Art Buying
    – Casting
    – Location & Approvals
    – Team & Equipment

  2. 2

    – Film production
    – Photo production
    – On-set management
    – Production manager
    – 4K Aerial Droning

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    Post Production
    – Image editing
    – Film cutting
    – Layout design
    – Proofs & Print filling
    – Production transaction

ZERO-8: Your agency partner in Filmproduction and Photography production.

So, what does a photo or film production involve?

A production firm’s tasks are very diverse. They range from the preparation of production over the actual support of production to the postproduction and the task’s completion.

On that note it is about the entire handling of a photo or film project. This is being subdivided into various steps: The preparation of production covers the creation of a concept including calculation, location casting, model and talent scouting, obtaining approvals and organizing and assembling the team.

A good production firm can be told from working goal-oriented, creatively and project-based. Furthermore, it is important that production firms have good and impeccable material as well as camera and lighting equipment, whether they specialize in photo or film productions. In the best case a production firm also has access to its own rental studio spaces. Also the support service by a production manager during the production is needed in order to guarantee an ideal and smooth process of the organization and to make it possible to make last-minute modifications.

The finalization of a production involves tasks like postprocessing and the entire completion of the production. The editing of images with a photo production and the cutting with a film production are especially important.